Services provided

On behalf of our clients, Wessex Archaeology arranged a community archaeology event at Coleshill Town Hall.

    HS2 Community Hub Event HS2 Community Hub Event HS2 Community Hub Event

    We provided a broad array of experts from our Finds, Research, Field and Environmental teams, led by our Community Engagement team. We separated the space into different zones offering members of the local community:

    • Hands on time with artefacts from site.
    • ‘Fingers-on’ interactive activities with 3D models on touch screens and UAV footage of the site.
    • Our 'have-a-go' environmental archaeology activity.
    • Hands on opportunities with bore hole and environmental samples from site.
    • A pop-up- exhibition of what we know about the site so far.
    • An interactive VR environment illustrating a typical Roman settlement.
    HS2 Community Hub Event HS2 Community Hub Event

    Feedback reinforced that the public appreciated a ‘VIP’ opportunity to see heritage uncovered from their local area with experts on hand to answer all their questions.