Wessex Archaeology
Unit R6
Sheaf Bank Business Park
Prospect Road
S2 3EN



As one of the Terrestrial Geophysics Supervisors based in Sheffield, I am in charge of leading teams and organizing the collection of data in the field applying multiple techniques such as magnetometry, electrical resistance, electrical resistivity tomography, ground penetrating radar or electromagnetic conductivity. I also help with the processing, interpretation and report writing of the data acquired in the field and I would also like to explore how archaeological geophysics can become more accessible to the public.

My background is in landscape archaeology hence why I am passionate about any non-destructive technique that may help us in understanding how people in the past interacted and modified the environment over the millennia.

When I take out my muddy boots I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction literature, playing strategy games, squash and fronton (the latter only when I go back to Spain), cooking and travelling with my family.