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Geomatics & Survey

I am a geophysicist based in Salisbury where I have been involved in a range of different geophysical survey projects. I have also undertaken work in excavation, environmental processing, topographic survey, photogrammetry and laser scanning projects which has allowed me to develop a range of fieldwork experience as well as skills and knowledge of many different software packages. 

I have an interest in spatial technologies, having undertaken an MSc in the topic and I am now able to build on that knowledge working for the Geomatics department. I especially enjoy applying new technology to a range of archaeological sites and situations. I also enjoy mastering unfamiliar concepts and technologies, and applying new-found skills to real-world situations.

Outside of work my enthusiasm for archaeology and history extends into research and historical fiction writing. I love cooking for other people, reading, listening to music, skiing, and I’m occasionally semi-enthusiastic about going to the gym.