Wessex Archaeology
Unit R6
Sheaf Bank Business Park
Prospect Road
S2 3EN



I am a geophysics technician based in Sheffield office. Currently I'm mostly doing terrestrial geophysics fieldwork with a different range of techniques Wessex Archaeology offers, but also helping with pre-survey project preparation and data interpretation. As a former field archaeologist, what motivates me the most is visualizing sites before excavation, offering us better and site-specific excavation planning.

I came to Wessex Archaeology Geophysics department early in 2021. My background is predominantly fieldwork archaeology, having worked on sites in Croatia, Serbia, Greece and UK. I have also done primary finds processing, from classification to photography and initial preservation.

Within Wessex Archaeology geophysics team I am looking forward to learning different geophysical surveying methods and further expanding and developing my skills within archaeology.

When I'm not pushing/pulling instruments up and down the field, I can be found bimbling around some highlands on silly long runs or reading/watching and interesting book/movie.