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As a Geophysicist based in our Kent office, my role varies day to day. Some weeks I could be out leading a team in the field, collecting geophysical data in the sunshine, whilst at other times I’m back in the office, interpreting a survey area and getting my head around the archaeological importance of a site to better inform our clients and hopefully the wider community. 

In addition to my expertise in geophysics, I am also a qualified commercial drone pilot. I carry out detailed aerial surveys for Wessex Archaeology including standing building and excavation surveys.

Since starting at Wessex Archaeology, my favourite project in the south-east has been a leading a large survey adjacent to the River Thames. The opportunities afforded by my commercial work at Wessex Archaeology have equipped me with skills to participate in global research projects and to provide training in geophysical survey to international archaeologists, which I undertake in my spare time.

As you may have guessed, outside of work my hobbies reflect my wanderlust, and include diving, hiking and travelling.