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Geomatics & Survey

I joined Wessex Archaeology in 2011, and since then have been involved in a large number of projects that have made use of GIS, ranging in scale from flint scatters to those with a regional or national focus.  

My role involves the acquisition, processing, analysis, presentation and management of spatial data across many areas and includes the use of remote sensing datasets, a large number of Historic Environment Records and data acquired in the field. Alongside the processing and management of data, I have also worked on the transcribing of archaeological features using remote sensing-derived datasets.

GIS is central to my professional life, and developments in the field continue to influence me by providing new and improved means of processing, analysing and presenting archaeological datasets. This has been aided in recent years by our use of UAVs. As a UAV pilot I am able to quickly obtain high-resolution imagery and height data that can be used to produce plans and models of sites, alongside videos and photos that help to visualise sites within their landscapes.

When not working I enjoy sports, music and spending time in the countryside.