A sustainable future for our past

Wessex Archaeology is the UK’s leading provider of archaeological and heritage services, and an educational charity. 

We are committed to promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability through everything we do. We work in partnership with our clients across a variety of sectors to deliver practical, sustainable solutions to effectively manage the historic environment.

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to prevent and minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. Read more about our Environmental Policy

Social Sustainability

Through our work, we enhance social capital and deepen understanding of our shared cultural heritage. We can add value to your scheme and build legacies within local communities. Learn more about our Charitable Aims

Economic Sustainability

We operate a sustainable business, maintained through proper compliance, governance and risk management. Trusted by our clients for over 40 years, we are a safe pair of hands in your supply chain.  

Your partners in sustainable development

We work to help reduce carbon emissions within your supply chain through:

A targeted approach: we emphasize non-intrusive, data-driven measures which are less carbon-heavy.

  • Innovative project design aimed at reducing carbon emissions
  • Emphasis on non-intrusive measures
  • Predictive modelling and remote sensing
  • Precise targeting using excellent specialist data

Collaborating within project delivery teams: we work closely with delivery teams to reduce the carbon footprint of our work as an important element of GI works 

  • Integrated specialists within project delivery teams
  • Collaboration across disciplines to reuse data
  • Integration of archaeological works into groundworks programme
  • Providing landscape context, e.g. drainage systems, environment and land use

Our experience and knowledge help our clients achieve successful planning outcomes, engage communities and stakeholders, and enhance the value of national historical assets. 

Contact us today to discover more about how we can help:

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