Operation Nightingale

1311 Phil Harding 'supervising' at Barrow Clump

Operation Nightingale is a pilot project established by Sergeant Diarmaid Walshe of the 1st Battalion The Rifles and Richard Osgood, Senior Historic Advisor of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). The project aims to meet a demand amongst wounded soldiers for viable rehabilitation programmes, in this case utilising heritage primarily through learning field archaeology skills. The long-term aim is to develop this as a service over the entire country.
You can find out about work undertaken by
Operation Nightingale’s soldiers at
The Defence Military Archaeology Society’s website http://www.dmasuk.org/.
Since autumn 2011, Wessex Archaeology has collaborated with Operation Nightingale on several projects, including work placements within our organisation.  Visit our blog to discover more.
In May 2012, Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Wessex Archaeology funding for Project Florence. This project aims to enhance Operation Nightingale’s work on Salisbury Plain by involving local families and volunteers so that they can learn more about their local heritage.  Want to get involved? Check out our Project Florence webpages to find out more. 
During summer 2012 Wessex Archaeology and Operation Nightingale begin a collaborative project to excavate a Bronze Age site called Barrow Clump on Salisbury Plain Training Area.
Over the coming months we will keep you up-to-date with what is going on through our Operation Nightingale/Project Florence blog.