Archive Review

Solutions for Museum Storage Problems

We can help you drive efficiency and save money:
Increase your archive storage space through selective dispersalEnhance the intrinsic and academic value of your collection
Provide a consistent and accessible recording systemGive conservation advice and recommendations for long term storage
Remove and/or replace non-archival packagingCreate education collections and material for outreach activities

About the Bespoke Service

Wessex Archaeology is the UK’s most comprehensive archaeological service provider. We are aware that many of the nation’s museums are struggling with a lack of storage space for archaeological archives and are burdened with on-going store rental costs.
We can now offer our new Archive Review service to museums with archaeological collections and archives. We can help to increase your storage space by assessing collections in order to identify material of little or no future academic value, which can then be targeted for selective dispersal. The service is tailored to each Museum’s unique needs, and is carried out against a background of local and regional analysis by experienced specialists. We can also highlight and advise upon conservation issues and long term storage requirements as well as identifying material appropriate for outreach activities.
We have recently worked with Winchester Museums Service to substantially reduce their holdings of ceramic and stone building material, reviewing the material on the basis of provenance and intrinsic interest. All material was recorded to a basic archive level before selective discard, to enhance the existing archive records. A similar exercise for Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum significantly reduced the size of a large fieldwalking assemblage, and we are currently working with Dorset County Museum to review part of their collections. We have also provided advice to Norfolk Museums Service.
Our costs start from £325 + VAT, plus expenses for an archive visit, assessment and verbal report. Our day rate for archive recording and discarding starts at £250 + VAT.
If you would like to discuss Archive Review or any other of the specialist services Wessex Archaeology provides please get in touch with Lorraine Mepham (Senior Project Manager, Post-Excavation) by email or call 01722 326867.