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Extracting the Past

963 Phil Harding flint knapping

Have you been reading about rare Neolithic houses and a Beaker burial containing a ‘prehistoric princess’ recently? These discoveries were made during our excavations at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton. 
Saturday 27th April 2013, we are holding a FREE open day to showcase some of the amazing finds from these excavations. The event will be held in Wraysbury Village Hall, Berkshire (TW19 5NA) 10.30 am to 3.30 pm
The exhibition is open to all and explores the discoveries from the site as we present the hidden past beneath Horton’s landscape and uncover the imprints left by farming and ritual activity.
Learn about the interesting and unique evidence
Meet the archaeologists
View the artefacts
Examine a skeleton
There will also be a number of activities for children including pot making and example excavations. 
Practical demonstrations will be given by two of Time Team’s regular presenters – Phil Harding will be flint knapping and Jackie McKinley will be examining the human skeleton. 
To explore the Kingsmead Quarry excavations further click here.
966 Wraysbury Village Hall - TW19 5NA


Extracting the Past

Thank you so much for the great exhibition held at Wraysbury on Saturday 27th April. It was extremely informative and very well put together.

Good luck to Phil Harding with his beautifully crafted hand axe he is working on that he showed, a real work of art and skill.

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