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New Book on HMS Drake

HMS Drake, a site investigated by Wessex Archaeology, is the subject of a new book.
On 2 October 1917 HMS Drake had just escorted a convoy across the Atlantic when she was torpedoed by U-79. The torpedo blew a hole into one of the four boiler rooms instantly killing all but two of the crew at work. Then listing dangerously to her starboard side the vessel limped round the southern tip of Rathlin Island. Anchored in Church Bay Drake rolled over onto her starboard side and sank. HMS Drake has lain off Rathlin Island ever since.
In 2006 Wessex Archaeology conducted an undesignated site assessment of HMS Drake for the Northern Ireland Environment Agency   (previously Environment and Heritage Service of Northern Ireland). Despite damage from the torpedo attack, the divers discovered the wreck in good condition and were able to identify many different features of the wreck.
A recent article in Belfast Telegraph recounted the sinking of the Drake detailed in Ian Wilson’s book HMS Drake: Rathlin Island Shipwreck. This new book recounts the life, times and death of the Drake and is available to order from Rathlin Island Books.
Find out more about HMS Drake including a link to a report of Wessex Archaeology’s investigation.

232 Stern of HMS Drake. © Crown copyright, photo taken by Wessex Archaeology



What an amazing photo and

What an amazing photo and history preserved of Drake. Sad story, though.

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HMS Drake

Yes. It is very sad. My uncle died on the HMS Drake and, whilst I never knew him, I still feel quite tearful reading about it. I am, however, thankful, for modern technology, whereby, in recent weeks, I have been able to discover where he died. R.I.P, Uncle Jim.

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