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865 Nicki Whiteman interviewing Site Director Gareth Chaffey

Excavations at Kingsmead Quarry have attracted much publicity over the last week. With the press release on Wednesday 6th March detailing the unique and unprecedented finding of four early Neolithic houses, interest in the story was immediate, particularly within the archaeological community. The story spread to news websites such as Past Horizons and to social media -twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and has been followed through the blogs and videos on the Wessex Archaeology website. The 277 edition of Current Archaeology featured the discovery too. 
Further interest from the media continued - Maev Kennedy writing for The Guardian on Friday 8th March and from BBC Berkshire. On Monday the story made it onto the main BBC News website, and Site Director Gareth Chaffey was interviewed by Nicki Whiteman of BBC Radio Berkshire about the discoveries, including discussion of some of the artefacts recovered from the Neolithic houses. 
Further interviews with local newspapers such as The Windsor Express and Slough Observer will continue to bring the discoveries to local audiences. The story has been attracting interest from the aggregate industry too. 
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