Operation Nightingale at Barrow Clump

Corporal Steve Winterton, an experienced Operation Nightingale participant, shares his experiences of the Barrow Clump excavation so far:


I have been part of Operation Nightingale since the project was first started in September last year. During this time I have been on excavations in East Chisenbury, Folkestone and Caerwent, and now I am on the Barrow Clump excavation, which will be my longest so far.


We have been here for a week and settled in well, with the first skeleton being found by myself. Being able to excavate it with the help of Jackie McKinley was a great learning experience, not just for me but for the whole dig team. Being shown the process, step by step, has given me the confidence and knowledge that I need to excavate burials on my own, and to teach others.


497 Corporal Winterton recording a burial at Barrow Clump


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