Kent’s Events


This week Kent has been helping out with the organisation of upcoming events hosted by the London and South East Office. Up first is our Open day on 4 July to celebrate five years in our office at Bridgewood House and looking forward to the future at our new office. Secondly, in September we are putting on a conference at Greenwich University (Medway Campus) on the subject of Prehistoric Kent (the County not the Bear).
Kent has learnt that a key part of hosting an event is letting people know about it. So Kent was charged with putting together a list of places and people that might be interested in hearing about the events. 


Following this Kent’s creative input was needed in the design and layout of the flyers, posters and ticket design.  Kent had to present his ideas and findings to his colleagues so that timescales and logistics could be agreed. They were very appreciative of his input and creative flair!
Kent has been practising his best Radio voice and jingle writing skills in case we opt for a radio advert!
For more information on our events, or if you would like to be added to Kent’s list of interested persons please see our events page
or contact Marie Kelleher.