Euan McNeill

Senior Project Manager, Coastal & Marine

2033 Euan McNeill

Euan joined Wessex Archaeology in 2005 and was promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2010. He is based at the Salisbury head office. Euan’s areas of expertise are archaeological consultancy, archaeological impact assessment for offshore development consenting in UK and Europe, regional environmental characterisation and assessment, UK offshore Quaternary geology, high resolution marine geophysics and seabed survey. Euan has a particular interest in submerged prehistory and in aircraft history – from the very old to the very new, archaeologically speaking - and is a member of the Nautical Archaeology Society.
Prior to joining Wessex Archaeology, Euan worked in the marine survey industry for Svitzer and Titan Environmental Surveys, specialising in geohazard assessment and high-resolution geophysical survey for environmental impact assessment.
For Wessex, Euan has worked on a wide variety of both commercial and heritage sector projects, such as the marine aggregates BMAPA/EH/TCE protocol for the recording of finds from the seabed and its associated awareness outreach programme, numerous renewable energy developments, and has co-ordinated regional environmental characterisation surveys for the Thames, South Coast, Humber and East Coast regions. He also manages Wessex’s Time Travelling by Water public outreach programme.

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