Environmental Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Zonal Environmental Assessment (ZEA), Preliminary Environmental Impact (PEI), Regional Environmental Assessment (REA)
Either following a scoping study or as the first stage of investigation, an environmental assessment provides a thorough review of all known and suspected archaeological sites, features and layers that may lie within a development or study area. Potential impacts are highlighted and mitigation options are recommended. These can be done at a number of scales appropriate to the scale of the development and where in the consulting process they fit. They can be zonal for a review of a whole offshore wind farm zone, regional for example in regard to a collection of geographically related marine aggregate licenses or may be a preliminary impact assessment to guide wider decision making and highlight issues at an appropriate scale.
These studies form the basis of planning application and approval and are important for curators, planners and developers alike. Drawing on all available datasets, from the National Record of the Historic Environment or equivalent, to geophysics, bore-holing, grab-sampling, UKHO records, diver and ROV surveys, an EIA is a comprehensive investigation into your site. Our environmental assessments have been used by curators to inform planning for a large range of offshore projects including major renewable energy developments and mineral extraction sites. Let us use our combination of academic diligence and commercial experience to provide the best possible understanding of any heritage impacts and how your development can respect, protect or enhance heritage receptors during work offshore.