Offshore Best Practice Guidance


As well as site or period specific studies – which include conservation management plans and strategic studies – Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team can provide or contribute to over-arching guidance promoting best practice to a range of offshore industries. 
We have a proven track record in this, including working in conjunction with organisations such as PIANC - the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure – and The Crown Estate, to produce management documents outlining general heritage measures for use when planning and implementing a commercial scheme that may affect archaeological material or features. 
From assessing the local context of projects and the potential impacts on heritage, to collecting data about known or suspected sites and then applying mitigation and protective measures, these best practice guidance documents provide valuable and much-needed frameworks for development schemes. 
Drawing on the 25 years of experience of Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine team ensures they are effective, current and easily implemented. 
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Ports & Harbours
Offshore Renewables
Marine Aggregates