The Coastal & Marine Team


Wessex Archaeology’s Coastal & Marine Team has an unparalleled reputation for delivering specialist data, interpretation, advice and outreach. Their experience and expertise enables innovative and practical solutions to ensure effective project delivery.
The team is supported by over 150 other Wessex staff covering graphics, IT, GIS, artefact and environmental analysis; heritage consultancy; an extensive land-based fieldwork capability and a public engagement unit. Specific teams are formed from the whole company to ensure that the underwater, built and buried heritage are integrated seamlessly.



Dan Atkinson BA (Hons), M.Litt, PhD, ACIfA Director, Coastal & Marine 
Euan McNeill BSc (Hons), MSc, FGSSenior Project Manager
Toby Gane MPhil, MCIfASenior Project Manager
Andrew Bicket BSc (Hons), MA, PhD, FSA Scot, ACIfAProject Manager
Graham Scott BA (Hons), ACIfA Senior Maritime Technical Specialist
and Dive Superintendent
Andrea Hamel BA (Hons), MA, PCIfASenior Archaeologist 
Victoria Lambert BA (Hons), MA, ACIfASenior Archaeologist 
Alistair Byford-Bates BSc, MScArchaeologist
Joaquín Callejo Gomez BA, MAArchaeologist
Paolo Croce BA, MA, MScArchaeologist
Lesley Dalgleish MA (Hons)Archaeologist
Stephanie Said BA, MAArchaeologist
Ben Saunders BSc, MA, ACIfA Archaeologist
Lowri Roberts BSc, MSc Archaeologist
Isger Vico Sommer BA, MA Archaeologist 
Business Support 
Ellen Barnes BA Business Manager 
Jane EdwardsManagement Assistant