The Fieldwork Team


The Fieldwork Team is an experienced and dedicated group of professionals with specialist skills in urban, rural and industrial archaeology. They have knowledge and expertise in all periods and aspects of human material culture.
The team is supported by 40 in-house experts in finds and environmental analysis, publication, graphics, GIS, outreach, and by a further 20 staff in a Heritage Team and a 30 strong Coastal & Marine Team. Together they ensure highly efficient and integrated project delivery to a consistently high quality.



Andy CrockettRegional Director, South
Dan Atkinson BA, PhD, M.Litt, ACIfA Regional Director, Scotland and C&M
Andrew Norton BSc (Hons), MCIfARegional Director, North
Mark Williams BSc (Hons), MCIfATeam Leader, London & SE
Andy King BA (Hons), MCIfABusiness Manager, West
Matt Williams BA, MA, MCIfABusiness Manager, Wales
Richard O’Neill BA, MCIfASenior Project Manager
Andy Manning MA, PGCE, BSc, MCIfASenior Project Manager
Damian De Rosa BA (Hons), MCIfAProject Manager
Kirsty Nichol MCIfA Project Manager
Gareth Chaffey BA (Hons), PCIfAProject Manager
Simon Cleggett BSc (Hons), ACIfAProject Manager
Rob De’Athe BSc (Hons), ACIfAProject Manager
Bruce Eaton BA (Hons)Project Manager
Chris Swales BA (Hons)Project Manager
Phil Andrews BSc (Hons), MCIfA, FSAProject Manager
Ruth Panes BA (Hons)Project Manager
Jon Kaines BA (Hons)Project Manager
Steve Thompson BA (Hons), ACIfASite Manager
John Powell BA (Hons), PCIfASite Director
Matt Kendall BA (Hons)Site Director
Cai Mason BSc (Hons)Site Director
Neil Dransfield BA (Hons)Site Director
Simon Flaherty BA (Hons), MASite Director
Phil Harding D. Univ, MCIfA, FSASite Director
Ben Cullen BASite Director
Alistair ZochowskiSite Director
Gail Wakeham BA (Hons)Site Director
Piotr Orczewski MASite Director
Lee Newton BA (Hons)Site Director
Patrick Daniel BA (Hons), MASite Director
Lisa McCaig BScSite Director
Phil Weston Site Director
Peter Capps BASite Supervisor
Rachel Williams BA (Hons), MASite Supervisor
Daryll FreerSite Supervisor
Mark StewartSite Supervisor
Bill MoffattSite Supervisor
Tom BlencoweSite Supervisor
Phoebe Olsen BA (Hons), MASite Supervisor
Jamie McCarthySite Technician
Natalia HuntSite Technician
Emma RobertsonSite Technician
Business Support 
Susan Clelland BASenior Logistics Officer
Wessex also employs between 30 and 100 site archaeologists according to need.