The Geoservices Team


The geoservices team has over twenty core staff with backgrounds in geophysics, geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology, geomatics, geology and geotechnics which allow a multi-disciplinary approach to our work. The teams have experience of applying these skills to archaeological projects both onshore and offshore ranging from renewable developments, minerals extraction, site investigation, strategic research and heritage asset management.


Paul Baggaley BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, ACIfA, FGSDirector Geoservices
Marine Geophysics 
Louise Tizzard BSc (Hons), PhD, FGS Manager, Marine Geophysics
Stephanie Arnott BSc (Hons), PhD, IMarESTSenior Marine Geophysicist
David Howell BSc (Hons), MSc, MScSenior Marine Geophysicist
Abby Mynett BA (Hons), MA, ACIfAGeophysicist
Sam Strutton BSc (Hons)Geophysicist
Laura Andrews BA (Hons), MScGeophysicist
Megan Metcalfe BSc Geophysicist
Alex Jacob MSciGeophysicist
Terrestrial Geophysics 
Lucy Learmonth BA, MScManager, Terrestrial Geophysics
Ben Urmston BSc, MScProject Manager
Nick Crabb BA, MASenior Geophysicist
Alex Schmidt BAGeophysicist
Tom Richardson BSc, MScGeophysicist
Chris HirstGeophysicist
Jen Smith MSc Geophysicist
Becky Hall BA, MScGeophysicist
Matt Tooke BAGeophysicist
Rok Plesnicar MAGeophysicist
Adrian Serbanescu BA, MScGeophysicist
Patricia Voke MAGeophysicist
Stewart Wareing BA, MAGeophysicist
Geoarchaeology & Environmental 
David Norcott BA (Hons), MSc, MCIfAManager, Geoarchaeology & Environmental
Alex Brown BA (Hons), MSc, PhDSenior Geoarchaeologist
Andrew Shaw BA (Hons), MA, PhDSenior Geoarchaeologist
Richard Payne BSc (Hons), MSc, MPhilGeoarchaeologist
Nicki MulhallEnvironmental Archaeologist
Ines Lopez Doriga BA, MA, PhD Environmental Archaeologist
Liz ChambersEnvironmental Archaeologist
Holly Rodgers BA, MScGeoarchaeological Supervisor
Damien Campbell-Bell BA (Hons), ACIfAGeomatics & BIM Manager
Chris Breeden BScSpatial Data & Digital Innovation Manager
Roberta Marziani MAGeomatics Officer
Richard Milwain BA (Hons), MScGIS Officer
Vi Pieterson B. Arch. Cum Laude,MScGeomatics Technician
Joanna DebskaGeomatics Technician 
Jack Fox-Laverick BA (Hons), MAGeomatics Technician 


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