The Specialist Teams


The Wessex Specialist Team are all highly qualified, experienced and reliable professionals. They cover heritage-related IT services, learning and access and the full range of post-excavation and publication. Together they form the largest and most creative specialist heritage team in the UK.
The Specialist Team is complemented by a further 150 experts within the company, providing integrated archaeological services above ground, below ground and underwater.



Andrea Burgess BSc, MCIfAResearch Director
Alistair Barclay BSc, PhD, MCIfA, FSA Senior Research Manager
Pippa Bradley BA, Mphil, MCIfA, FSASenior Publications Manager
Lorraine Mepham BA (Hons), MCIfA, FSA Senior Archives Manager
Matt Leivers BA (Hons), PhD, ACIfASenior Post-excavation Manager
Bob Clarke BA (Hons), PhDResearch Manager
Phil Andrews BSc, MCIfAPost-excavation Manager
Andrew Powell BA (Hons)Technical Specialist
Finds & Conservation 
Rachael Seager Smith BA (Hons), MCIfAFinds Manager
Jacqueline McKinley BTech (Hons), MCIfASenior Osteoarchaeologist
Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy BA (Hons), MA, ACIfASenior Osteoarchaeologist
Lorrain Higbee BSc, MScSenior Zooarchaeologist
Lynn Wootten BSc (Hons), ACRConservator 
Elina BrookArchaeologist/Finds Specialist
Amy Thorp BA (Hons), MAPottery Specialist
Erica Macey-Bracken BA (Hons), ACIfAFinds Supervisor
Sue Nelson BA (Hons), MA, ACIfAFinds Supervisor
Rob WheeldonFinds Assistant
Jen Whitby BA, MAFinds Assistant
Amy Hall BAFinds Assistant
Sophie Clarke BSc, MAFinds Assistant
Moira Taylor BAArchives Officer
Jessica J Tibber BScFinds & Archives Officer
Tom BurtArchives Supervisor
Frances Ward Archives Assistant
Jen WhitbyArchives Assistant
Graphics & Design 
Karen NicholsGraphics Manager
Liz James BA (Hons), MCIfASenior Graphics Officer
Rob Goller PCIfASenior Graphics Officer
Kitty Foster BA, MASenior Graphics Officer
Kenneth Lymer BSc (Hons), MA, PhD, FSAGraphics Officer
Will Foster BAGraphics Officer
Ian Atkins BSc, MScGraphics Officer
Nancy Dixon BA (Hons), MAGraphics Supervisor
Public Engagement 
Rachel Brown BA (Hons)Senior Community & Education Officer
Information Technology 
Paul Middleton-JonesNetwork Manager
Niall Donald BA (Hons)Technical Specialist
Jens Neuberger MA, MASystems Developer