Make a Movie

Through Project Florence, a group of 14–25 year olds from Salisbury had the opportunity to produce an exciting film about the Operation Nightingale excavation at Barrow Clump. 
Wessex Archaeology worked in collaboration with the Salisbury Arts Centre to engage with young people in the community and help them to develop new skills and talents for the future. These young people were trained by professional filmmakers to film, edit and produce a 25-minute documentary and were actively involved in filmmaking decisions and processes. They all achieved a Bronze Arts Award certificate as a result of the project. 
The film, Operation Nightingale: Time Warriors, follows the progress of the 2012 excavation of Barrow Clump on Salisbury Plain. It also features interviews with the soldiers, archaeologists and volunteers involved this Operation Nightingale dig. The film premiered at the Salisbury Arts Centre in November 2012 and is now available to watch online. 
Click the play button below to watch Operation Nightingale: Time Warriors:


Meet the young producers and take a look behind the scenes in a short Making Of film by clicking the play button below: