Olympic Park - Renewing the Past: Unearthing History

Wessex Archaeology, as official supplier of archaeological and heritage services (Olympic Park) to the London 2012 Games, carried out the geoarchaeological, archaeological and built heritage related analysis of the results of the Olympic Park investigations.

The huge body of data collected during the investigations has been studied by specialists in a variety of fields, ranging from finds, environmental and stratigraphic analysis to built heritage; historical records were also studied, and local residents took part in an oral history project bringing the story of the Olympic Park site up to date. The results are now being published. 

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Renewing the Past: unearthing the history of the Olympic Park site was launched at the Museum of Docklands on 9th May. Simon Wright, Director of Venues and Infrastructure at the Olympic Delivery Authority, said 
"The work which Wessex Archaeology and Museum of London Archaeology have undertaken has been breathtaking in its scale with over 220 separate excavations completed, and its speed. To have completed the publications before the Games so that visitors and local residents can read about and learn about the area is a fantastic achievement."
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For further information on the lessons learned from the construction project visit the London 2012 site