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Photograph of the burial (JPEG,1.16Mb)
Detail of the burial with interpretation of the burial goods. (JPEG, 973Kb)
The Amesbury Archer: Painting by Jane Brayne of the Amesbury Archer near Stonehenge(JPEG, 1.32Mb)
Reconstructed Beaker: from the grave of the Archer (JPEG, 272Kb)
The Archer's Weapons: The arrowheads are made of flint. The wooden arrow shafts have rotted away. (JPEG, 1.5Mb)
The Archer's copper knives: Their handles were probably made of wood. The knives are almost certainly made of pure copper.(JPEG, 771Kb)
The gold hair tresses: Some archaeologists think that they were worn around the edge of the ear. Others think that they were worn in hair braids. (JPEG, 398Kb)
Later on: The excavation continued late into the night. (JPEG, 1.25Mb
The Archer's wristguards: He was wearing the black one. The red one was placed by his knees. (JPEG, 1.4Mb)

The second Bronze Age burial with gold earrings

The second Bronze Age burial (JPEG, 507Kb)
The second Bronze Age burial during excavation (JPEG, 1.4Mb)
jaw goldjaw gold
A second set of gold earrings were found inside the individual's jaw, whilst being cleaned in the laboratory (TIFF, 9,6Mb)
The second set of gold earrings (detail) - (TIFF, 9.67Mb)