Photos from Truckle Hill volunteers


5 Busy at work in the bath-house. By Geoff Bowden.

6 Flue arches by Jayne O'Connell

7 One of the originally exposed walls, cleaned and entirely uncovered. By Jayne O'Connell.

8 Overview of the site at the end of 2007. By Geoff Bowden.

9 The bath-house uncovered at the end of 2007. By Jayne O'Connell.

10 The bath-house year 1. By Geoff Bowden.


11 The bath-house walls protected with soft-capping. By Geoff Bowden.

12 The field and the site covered in mist. By Geoff Bowden.

13 The south end of the hot room with putlog holes in the walls. By Geoff Bowden.


14 A peice of intact mosaic floor. By Geoff Bowden.

15 Busy drawing a plan. Jayne O'Connel.

16 Busy recording. By Jayne O'Connell.

17 Shaunn working at the base of a wall. By Jayne O'Connell.


18 The base when it was first uncovered. By Geoff Bowden.

20 The site on the first day of 2009. By Geoff Bowden.

19 The period 2 building with wall plaster exposed. By Geoff Bowden.


21 The base, cleaned and the centre of attention. By Jayne O'Connell.

22 The paving uncovered in the main trench. By Jayne O'Connell.

23 Dooey overseeing work on the last day. By Jayne O'Connell.

24 The main trench on the last day of excavation. By Jayne O'Connell.