Margate Pipeline

The excavations described in the following pages were undertaken in advance of the Margate and Broadstairs Urban Wastewater Treatment Scheme (UWTS). The pipeline extends from Margate in the north to the Weatherlees Hill Wastewater Treatment Works in the south, and to the Broadstairs Headworks in the south east.  The two branches of the pipeline extend over a distance of 13km, making this the longest excavation in Thanet. 
More than 650 finds and sites were recorded, most between Manston airfield and Weatherlees Wastewater Treatment Works. There were 13 areas with significant archaeology, five of which are briefly summarised here.
These web pages summarize the results but you can find detailed information in Wessex Archaeology Report 24 : Kentish Sites and Sites of Kent: a miscellany of four archaeological excavations by P. Andrews, K. Egging Dinwiddy, C. Ellis, A. Hutcheson, C. Phillpotts, A. Powell & J. Schuster.