Fenchurch Street Finds

Roman object depicting the head of a goose or swan
Decorated copper alloy object depicting the head of a swan or goose. Possibly part of a bracelet or decoration from a larger object.
Roman 'melon' bead and worked bone needle
An example of a worked bone needle used in the textile industry. A fragment of a blue 'melon' bead, Romano-British in date.
Samian potter's stamp
The stamp reads: OFPONTI
O or OF in front of the name stands for "officina" - workshop or factory of... and its position before the name is generally indicative of a 1st century AD date.
The stamp probably refers to Pontus who worked at La Graufesenque in Southern Gaul. A similar stamp found at New Fresh Wharf, London, is dated to c. AD65-90.
Tudor goblet
A near complete example of a Tudor green goblet, dating from the late 15th to early 16th centuries.
Sherds from 13th century jugs
Sherds from 13th century jugs, recovered from a pit. Green glazed vessels with applied, rouletted and finger impressed decoration, imitating imported pottery.
Animal bones from medieval pits
Animal bones recovered from medieval pits, representing domestic waste.