Progress to 08/01/2003

The excavation took place over 11 weeks last summer, June to August 2002. Well preserved Roman archaeology was found beneath the basements of the modern buildings that stood on the site until recently. The remains included the Roman road from Aldgate to the forum and a series of Roman buildings fronting onto this. Evidence of the medieval use of the site was also found.
You can see the archaeology found on site during the excavation.
Since finishing work on site, the finds and the detailed records from the site have been examined at our base in Salisbury. This is the first step of a process of careful analysis of the archaeology that will add to our knowledge of the use of the site and the people who lived and worked there. This in turn will contribute to understanding of Roman and medieval London.
Ultimately, the results of the excavation will be published and the finds and records will be given to the Museum of London. You can follow the progress of the off-site works and the results as they unfold on this website.