Unknown B-24 (site WA 1001)

After the geophysical survey of WA 1001 it was targeted for the use of the ROV. Originally thought to be the remains of a wooden shipwreck, the site turned out to be the wreck of a Second World War B-24 bomber. Use the menu above to find out more about this wreck. To see what we found on the wreck site click on the red text or related orange parts in the plan.
The ROV survey of Wreck WA1001 showed that the site had not been correctly identified from the geophysical surveys. The wreck of the B24 bomber was too broken up with not sufficient structure for it to be positively identified as any sort of aircraft. In retrospect this site differed from other wooden wrecks seen by WA in that there was no evidence of isolated planks lying around the wreck site.

Bomber plan