Surveyed Wrecks

The study area stretched from Hayling Island in Hampshire to Beachy Head in East Sussex. The environmental conditions in this area resemble the conditions that prevail in most of the aggregate dredging areas on the British south coast.
In addition to the surveys undertaken in the Year I and Year II campaigns of the project, a number of designated historic wreck sites, protected under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 were surveyed with multibeam sonar, magnetometer and sub bottom profiler as a project variation.
Click the spots on the map below to explore the wreck sites.

Map showing the study area and clickable spots to locate information about the wrecks Site 5007 Site 5005 Site 5003 Site 5009 Talis Site 5001 Site 5006 Devon Coast Site 5002 B-17 Site 5008 Site 5004 Concha Site 5013 Site 5011 Portland Stone Wreck Site 5031 Site 5010 Site 5043 Mary Rose Invincible HMS A1 Hazardous