Suburban Life in Roman Durnovaria: Excavations at the Former County Hospital Site, Dorchester, Dorset 2000-2001

Suburban Life in Roman Durnovaria front coverSuburban Life in Roman Durnovaria front coverby Mike Trevarthen
ISBN 978-1874350 £4.95
Excavations at the former County Hospital site, Dorchester have provided a rare opportunity to examine a reasonably large area of the south-western corner of the Roman town of Durnovaria. Evidence for a series of buildings, including a late Roman town house complete with fine mosaics, was recovered as well as working areas and probable barns. A wide range of largely domestic objects and evidence for local produce was recovered as well as important evidence for allec or fish sauce and for imported wine or vine fruits, olive oil, grain and lentils. The results of the excavations are presented here in an easy to read format accompanied by many colour photographs and illustrations. The Durnovaria technical reports are available online.