Princes Channel / The ‘Gresham Ship’

The ‘Gresham Ship' was found in Princes Channel by the Port of London Authority in 2003. Investigations culminated in the recovery in 2004 of the remains of a small to medium-sized armed merchant ship built soon after 1574, probably in East Anglia or Essex. The wreck provides archaeological evidence of the documented practice of ‘furring' (rebuilding a ship to increase its breadth). The cargo included folded iron bars, lead ingots and tin ingots, and amongst the four recovered guns is a rare English early cast-iron saker, marked with the grasshopper motif and initials of Sir Thomas Gresham.
'The Gresham Ship' (Published in Post-Medieval Archaeology 41/2 (2007), 222–241)1.37 MB
Princes Channel Wreck Phase III Report2.77 MB