Multi-image photogrammetry

1345 Mesolithic handaxe on the Baltic seabed

Multi-image photogrammetry (or Structure from Motion) is an extremely versatile, rapid and cost-effective tool for recording and analysis of objects and surfaces. Although photogrammetry has been used for survey for over a century, recent advances in computing power and software have resulted in a technique able to produce results similar to those of laser scanning, under suitable conditions but with much lower overheads. Wessex Archaeology has been at the forefront of adoption and exploitation of the technique and now has a sector-leading capability in multi-image photogrammetric survey for heritage applications. Multi-Image Photogrammetry is a powerful method of capturing high-resolution 3D surfaces with complete texture with sub-centimetre accuracy.

1346 17th century stone carving of a ship

Wessex Archaeology has undertaken a wide range of photogrammetric surveys, including aerial and terrestrial topography, Historic Building Recording, underwater wreck survey and small finds recording. Our resources include high-end digital cameras, a comprehensive suite of professional photogrammetric software, a bank of dedicated geomatics workstations and a full range of 3D modelling software for producing high-quality stills, videos and reconstructions.
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