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Photo Gallery
The Wessex Archaeology Gallery is a quick and easy way to find images to display on your classroom whiteboard. The images are free for educational use. 
WEA Archaeological Resources
These WEA Archaeological resources were developed by WA for the Worker's Educational Association (WEA). To learn more about our work with the WEA follow this link.
Teacher’s Resource Packs
These teacher’s packs contain activities and suggestions to complement the teaching of history in schools. Each pack contains everything you need to begin work and the packs are free for you to use. 


Key Stages 1 and 2
Key Stages 2 and 3
Learning Links
Can you help archaeologists to match
the broken pieces of pot together?
Match the Pot Sherds! (exe for windows)
Activity Sheets
The following 9 activities and teacher's notes were produced in partnership with Historic England and local schools to enable students to discover how heritage sites can inform us of our local area in prehistoric times. 

1) Archaeologist game print out
the activity sheet (PDF, 1.6MB)

2) Skeleton game 
(PDF, 804KB)

3) Dustbin game (572KB)

4) Time line 
(PDF, 2.8MB)

5) Bronze Age picture 
(PDF, 344KB)

6) Match the Monument (PDF, 1.7MB)

7) What did I look like? 
(PDF, 1.4MB)

8) What am I? 
(PDF, 1.3MB)

(PDF, 1.7MB)
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