Wessex Archaeology has excavated sites from the Stone Age right up to the 20th century. Use the links below to delve into online exhibitions spanning thousands of years from across the UK. Each exhibition features interactive 3D models, videos and reconstructions of the sites and artefacts for you to explore.

Museum of the Lost and Found

Museum of the Lost and Found

This interactive virtual museum is made up of objects selected from our archives by the people for the people. Not all the objects are yet selected and 3D scanned, help us choose! We are grateful to Historic England for selecting Lost and Found as one of the recipients of their Covid19 Emergency Response Fund.
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Medieval Manor at Coleshill - Digital Archaeology Online

HS2 Heritage – Coleshill

Coleshill was the first site excavated within the HS2 project, located in Warwickshire. Initially, a piece of roman pottery was found within a curved gully shortly followed by two fragments of Roman brooches. Since then, the Coleshill excavations revealed a landscape rich in archaeology from pre-history to the 19th century.
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Romano-British pottery from Hampshire

Roman Conquest - Hampshire Pottery

As part of the 2020 CBA Festival of Archaeology, we created a series of videos to explore if the Roman conquest had an effect on pottery production in Hampshire.
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