Step inside, take a look around, get involved, there’s lots to discover, lots to see and lots of new ways of seeing.

  • Interact with 20 handpicked objects from our archives  
  • Take a look at the creative responses to these particular objects and to a selection of creative tasks 
  • Watch highlight videos to get a glimpse of the discussions and decisions the groups made and why the objects were chosen 
  • Take a creative challenge and produce your own piece of work inspired by one of our objects, to go into The Museum of You. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. An object can tell a thousand stories.

Since late June 2020 Wessex Archaeology has run a collection of eight digital engagement sessions with community groups, NHS staff, young people and individuals across England, giving them behind the scenes access to our archives in Sheffield and Salisbury. 

From these sessions each group was given the task of choosing two objects from a selection of four to go into our interactive digital museum. The chosen objects were then 3D scanned and uploaded in a way which presents the viewer with an opportunity to control, rotate, enlarge and closely examine the object allowing for greater access to each one.

In addition to this, participants were set home tasks, to create a personal response which they could then share within their groups. These responses can be seen here along with some of the discussions and images in the session films.

We also invited the public to vote on their favourite objects, two videos were loaded onto our YouTube site and the public then chose via social media which four objects from a selection of eight they wanted to go into the museum.

The Museum of the Lost and Found is a wonderful collaboration between Wessex Archaeology specialists and community groups and individuals, none of this could have happened without them. Please click on the links below to find out a little bit more about each group:

We are grateful to Historic England for selecting Lost and Found as one of the recipients of their Covid19 Emergency Response Fund.  

If you are interested on hearing more about what we learnt from the project, then please take a look at our animated toolkit and downloadable resource, ‘A Thousand Lost and Found Stories’, for more information on this and on how to create your own digital heritage wellbeing project.

Group participants

We hope you enjoyed this virtual museum. For further activities and reading follow these links or download the documents below.

Visit our other online exhibitions here or find out more about our work.

Project Team


Tom Westhead

Photographer & Videographer

Tom Westhead

Erica Macey-Bracken

Finds Supervisor

Erica Macey-Bracken

Will Foster

Senior Illustrator - 3D Artist

Will Foster

Natasha Bramall

Engagement & Inclusion Coordinator

Natasha Bramall