Current vacancies

Harworth Colliery, cogs and machinery part of the Historic Environment of Sheffield

England Yorkshire £20,333 to £21,738

Historic Environment Researcher

A camera filming work on site while an interview takes place

England Southern £31,079 to £37,577

Communication and Marketing Manager

Terrestrial Geophysical Survey Team

England Southern £21,255 to £32,973

Terrestrial Geophysicist

Fieldwork in Scotland

Scotland East £18,900 to £24,233

Archaeological Fieldwork

Geomatics Supervisor surveying with total station

England SW £20,333 to £24,233

Geomatics Assistant Supervisor/Supervisor

Bim specialist image showing 3D model of a building

England Southern £31,079 to £35,572

BIM Specialist

Watching a digger excavating a trench

England Southern £18,900 to £20,333

Archaeological Fieldwork Technician

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