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2022 July 22

Human remains found in Bristol under ruined church in Castle Park. 



2021 December 23

Ancient mass migration transformed Briton's DNA


Independent Online


2021 November 3

Unravelling the mystery of Stonehenge's chalk plaques: Designs on Neolithic stones depict real objects known to the artist and are NOT just abstract patterns, new analysis suggests

Mail Online

Times Online


2021 July 15 - BBC

Anglo-Saxon cave house 'of exiled king' identified in Derbyshire



2021 February  - Guardian

Archaeologists unearth Bronze Age graves at Stonehenge Tunnel site


Mail Online


2021 January 28 - BBC

HS2 finds 16 century gardens in Warwickshire 



2020 June 19 - BBC

Iron Age funeral site discovered on Solihull HS2 site



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