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2018 February 8 - BBC

Discovery of Windsor Neolithic monument excites archaeologists

The Guardian Link


2018 February 8 - BBC

Ancient artefacts found during Hornsea Project One wind farm work

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2018 February 2 - BBC

Archaeologists may have found architects' camp for Stonehenge

The Guardian Link


2017 September 14 - BBC

Classic car unearthed by archaeologists on Salisbury Plain

BBC Link

The Guardian Link


2017 August 4 - The Guardian

Miles of forgotten first world war trenches uneartherd in England

The Guardian Link


2017 August 1 - BBC 

Cannon, anchors and skull found during Portsmouth dredging

BBC Link

The Telegraph

Mail Online


2017 July 20 - BBC

Sheffield's steel-making history unearthed

BBC Link

Daily Mail

The Star



2017 April 24 - BBC

First World War training tunnels and trenches discovered in Wiltshire

BBC Link

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The Guardian Link

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Daily Mirror Link


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