Our aim at Wessex Archaeology is to be a place where all our people can engage in a fulfilling career and thrive at work.


Our Commitments

We have some way to go to close the gender pay gap and achieving this will require positive leadership and consistent commitment to effective action. Leveraging these proposed actions will provide us with the opportunity to address equality and diversity targets, enhance our working environment, strengthen our business sustainability plan, develop, and upskill current staff.

We do believe that, over time, our commitment to the development of our staff, and fostering inclusion, fairness and flexibility will be reflected in our gender pay gap figures. There is work to do to build a culture that ensures that all employees feel a sense of belonging and that everyone is valued for the differences they bring. To progress in the right direction requires a concerted effort at every level of our business and changes in every aspect of our management approach, from recruitment through to progression opportunities and how we retain our people by keeping them engaged.

Improving opportunities across the business will serve to enhance the diversity profile of the company, increase innovation and improve the retention of talent in key areas. ‘Multiple voices lead to new ideas, new services, and new products, and encourage out-of-the box thinking’. As an organisation we have a duty to lead and signpost our commitment to equality and encouraging diversity in all aspects of our work, by

  • providing support to help achieve the vision and values of the organisation;
  • allowing and encouraging all employees to access opportunities and;
  • creating roles and providing a working environment in which individuals can be the best they can be.  

The full report can be downloaded below