Intertidal & foreshore survey


Beaches, shores and intertidal areas can contain important heritage features. Beached and abandoned hulks may provide detail of past shipbuilding and use, military defences half-buried in sand tell of the protection of the realm, anchorages and buildings reveal past industries and chance finds can all add to our understanding of the heritage around us. These areas may be impacted by marine development – where pipeline and cable routes come ashore, or in areas proposed for beach recharge or sea defence. Appointing Wessex Archaeology to undertake an intertidal or foreshore survey ensures you access our full wealth of services to guarantee that archaeological impacts are understood and mitigated in the planning stages. From wading to walkovers, recording archaeological features, vessels and structures by hand or using the latest technology, collecting environmental samples and interpreting and presenting results, Wessex Archaeology will apply our professional standard to every stage of the process.

Case Studies