Celts & Romans in North Wiltshire

The project ‘Celts and Romans in North Wiltshire’ is connecting two exciting archaeological sites through community collaboration in archaeology. Truckle Hill, near North Wraxall, is the site of a Roman bath-house that has been excavated by Wessex Archaeology and a large group of dedicated volunteers since 2007. In Chiseldon twelve Iron Age cauldrons were found by a metal detectorist and excavated by a team made up of staff from Wessex Archaeology, the British Museum, and Chiseldon Local History Group. Both of these projects began with community members getting involved in researching and caring for their community’s heritage. The aim of ‘Celts and Romans in North Wiltshire’ is to build on this community involvement by working with current volunteers to get more people involved in these projects and excited by the Iron Age and Roman heritage of North Wiltshire. There will be events and activities for this project going on throughout the year. You can follow the project by visiting this website and following the project’s blog.
We welcome participation from all members of the public. If you represent a group that would like to take part in the project, or would like an opportunity to volunteer yourself, please feel free to contact us.