3591 Image captured by Rob Rawcliffe of FIDES Flare Media Ltd.
The Ministry of Defence earmarked land at Larkhill, less than one kilometre north-west of Durrington Walls and three kilometres north-east of Stonehenge, for new housing as part of the Army Basing Programme. Defence Infrastructure Organisation and its consultants WYG employed Wessex Archaeology to investigate the archaeological potential of the area - previously thought to be free of significant archaeological remains - before building work began. 
Among a wealth of archaeology, the evaluation trenching revealed a Wessex Linear and other ditches which were considered to be parts of later Bronze Age and Iron Age field systems; an undated unaccompanied inhumation burial; a sub-rectangular Iron Age enclosure; lynchets and terraces of probable Romano-British date; and military remains. 
These results were of sufficient interest and in an area of sufficient archaeological sensitivity for Wiltshire Council Archaeology Service to require full excavation of the area. Stripping commenced in July 2016. 
Excavation revealed an Early Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Beaker inhumation burials, a Middle Bronze Age cremation cemetery, a very small ring-ditch, and the extensive remains of military practice trench systems, mainly from World War I.