National Monuments Record

The National Record of the Historic Environment (NRHE) is maintained by Historic England and represents the largest publicly accessible archive dedicated to the historic environment. The archive is based at the Historic England Archive in Swindon although many databases of information are held online.
The holdings consist of data on most known archaeological sites (both terrestrial and marine), modern and historic photography, almost total coverage of England in aerial photographs, a complete set of listed buildings descriptions, survey reports on specific buildings and archaeological sites, measured drawings, and a specialist reference library.
The NRHE holds a large number of monument records, often comprising a number of smaller, often temporally distinct, monuments. These ‘parent’ monuments were divided in the course of the Artefacts from the Sea project into individual records, created for each temporally and spatially distinct ‘child’. Thus, where finds might include Lower and Upper Palaeolithic material, with Mesolithic and Neolithic components, a minimum of four records might be generated. These are all cross-referenced within the database.
Data from the NRHE are often duplicates of ‘local’ sources, in particular within SMRs and regionally focused projects. Data from the NRHE, therefore, has been integrated with these other sources and duplicates have been removed in the Artefacts from the Sea dataset.