Wessex Archaeology has been employed by The Sherford Consortium to conduct and manage the archaeological investigations for the Sherford development site. A range of archaeological techniques have been employed, such as trial trench evaluation, watching brief and full excavation.
An early geophysical survey of the site identified a number of areas of particular archaeological interest, and indicated where the archaeologists should start their investigations. The targeting of these areas has led to a number of significant discoveries being made, helping us to understand how people lived in this area – and used this landscape – in the past. So far, the excavations have demonstrated human occupation spanning some 4000 years.
We will be carrying out further excavations at the site over the coming months, continuing to work closely with The Sherford Consortium, Devon County Council and consultants AECOM to ensure that the archaeological remains on the site are dealt with in an appropriate way, and to further help us understand of how this part of Devon has developed over time.