Neolithic Pits

796 Broken polished bone point

A small cluster of Early Neolithic pits were located close to one the houses, and radiocarbon dates suggest that they were dug a few generations after the structure went out of use. The pits contained a high volume of finds, including arrowheads, pottery, worked flint, burnt flint, animal bone and fired clay. These finds indicate that the pits were used for domestic refuse. Further significance of the pits was suggested by two fragments of a highly polished worked bone point (or awl) that was broken into two and then deposited into separate pits.
A more dispersed scatter of pits represented Late Neolithic activity on the site, with some containing deliberately broken and placed artefacts, including Grooved Ware pottery sherds. Several pits contained many charred fruits and nuts, including whole sloes, wild crab apple and hazelnut shells. One important feature contained many items that were broken and deliberately placed, including pottery from four different vessels, a Peterborough Ware pottery sherd (already over 500 years old before deposition) and a burnt and broken discoidal polished knife fragment.
795 Burnt and broken discoidal polished knife fragment