Meet the Archaeologists

Over 100 archaeologists and specialists have worked on the Kingsmead Quarry, Horton, project since Wessex Archaeology began their excavations in 2003. Below we reference and thank everyone who has contributed to this fantastic archaeological project.

Gareth Chaffey – Gareth has been the principal site director on the site since 2007. He is also the lead author of the forthcoming publication.
Alistair Barclay – Alistair is the project’s post-excavation manager since 2008 and also a lead author of the forthcoming publication.
Andrew Manning – Andrew is the project’s fieldwork manager and has been involved in the project since 2011.
Ruth Pelling – Ruth was the lead environmental specialist on the project and is one of the lead authors of the forthcoming publication.
Karen Nichols – Karen has been the project’s principal illustrator for many years, working on all forms of illustration, from publication figures and photographs to 3D reconstructions and animations.

Excavation team

Managers and Supervisors: Angela Batt, Elina Brook, Howard Brown, Caroline Budd, James Chapman, Rob De’Athe, Simon Flaherty, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Matthew Kendall, Paul McCulloch, Piotr Orczewski, John Powell, Julia Sulikowska and Vasilis Tsamis.
Excavators: Dickon Agnew, Pascal Alliot, Andrew Armstrong, Owen Bachelor, Mark Bagwell, Andrew Baines, Steve Beach, Nick Best, Jeremy Bond, Cristina Bravo-Asensio, David Budd, Thomas Burt, Charlotte Burton, Damien Campbell-Bell, Laura Cassie, Laura Catlin, Keiron Cheek, Paul Clarke, Robert Cole, Charlotte Coles, Jo Condliffe, Paul Cooke, Rachel Cruse, Benjamin Cullen, Brenton Culshaw, Claire Davies, Stella De Villiers, Jonathon Diffey, Claudia Eicher, Vicki Gallagher, Richard Good, Samuel Fairhead, Dorothee Facquez, Matthew Fenn, Neil Fitzpatrick, Michael Fleming, Mikael Fredholm, Darrly Freer, Oliver Good, Jasmine Hall, Katherine Hamilton, Michael Hartwell, Jonathon Henckert, Karen Hole, Martin Huggon, Peter James, Daniel Joyce, Marie Kelleher, Steve Kemp, Ilona Kruk, Steve Leech, Emily Loughman, Marie Lundberg, Kenneth Lydon, Charlotte Martin, Jon Martin, Catrin Matthews, Andrew Mayfield, Lisa McCaig, Simon McCann, Martin McGonigle, Christopher Merrifield, Rachael Morgan, Alexander Moss, Jeffrey Muir, Dave Murdie, Emma Nordstrum, Piotr Orczewski, Ruth Panes, Lucy Parker, Jonathon Pettitt, Derek Pitman, Hugo Pinto, Nick Plunkett, Dalia Pokutta, Richard Potter, Antonio Ramon, Steven Rawling, Simon Reames, Phil Roberts, Renate Rosa, Rob Scott, Elaine Simpson, Andy Sole, Oliver Spiers, Kirsty Squires, Mark Stewart, Ida Szatkowska, Kimberley Teale, Anne Thom, Gareth Thomas, Jessica Tibber, Jonathon Watts, Tom Wells, Alan Whitaker, Sam Whitehead, Kayleigh Whiting, Gary Wickenden, Rebecca Wills, Tristan Wood-Davies and Dane Wright.
The Neolithic houses were principally excavated by Mark Bagwell, Elina Brook, John Powell, Peter James, Tom Wells and Andy Sole. Rob Scott excavated the Beaker burial.

Specialists and Post-Excavation team

Phil Andrews, Catherine Barnett, Philippa Bradley, Ellie Brook, Nigel Cameron, Nicholas Cooke, Paul Cripps, John Crowther Niall Donald, Michael Grant, Jessica Grimm, Kevin Haywood, Lorrain Higbee, David Holman, Elizabeth James, Grace Jones, Laura Joyner, Stephanie Knight, Richard Macphail, Lorraine Mepham, Jacqueline I. McKinley, J.M. Mills, Quita Mould, Nicki Mulhall, Jens Neuberger, David Norcott, Peter Northover, Ben Roberts, Fiona Roe, John Russell, Jörn Schuster, Simon Skitterell, David Smith, Rosie Smith, Emma Traherne, Lynn Wootten and Sarah Wyles.
Wessex Archaeology are extremely grateful to CEMEX UK, and their consultant Adrian Havercroft (The Guildhouse Consultancy), for commissioning and funding the archaeological excavations at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton.