Offshore Renewables Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries


Welcome to The Crown Estate Protocol pages.
The Crown Estate owns approximately half the UK foreshore and nearly the entire seabed out to the 12 nautical mile limit, and has the rights to license areas up to 200 nautical miles offshore for renewable energy. During offshore development in the renewable energy industry there is a high likelihood of encountering unexpected archaeological remains. Activities associated with renewable energy such as: placement of turbines, cable-laying, geophysical surveys and seabed sampling and other actions have the potential to impact on the historic environment.
The aim of the Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (PAD) is to provide a system for reporting and investigating unexpected archaeological discoveries encountered during site investigation, construction and installation work. Through the PAD, Wessex Archaeology guides and advises industry staff on how to protect our shared marine cultural heritage.
All finds of archaeological interest are reported through the PAD Implementation Service (IS). These finds are researched by members of the IS team and a report produced. Information about the finds is then disseminated to everyone involved in the reporting of a find, and information recorded in relevant national databases.


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