Awareness Training Feedback


Offshore Renewables Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (ORPAD) Awareness training aims to introduce site staff to:-
  • The Protocol reporting system for archaeological discoveries made during pre-construction and construction activities for offshore renewables schemes 
  • The variety of archaeological materials that may be discovered during their work
Wessex Archaeology operates the Protocol Implementation Service, on behalf of The Crown Estate, for the purposes of the ORPAD. The intent is to provide high quality training that meets the needs of the Developer, The Crown Estate and ultimately satisfies the Regulator and their advisors and any associated legal requirements.
If you have participated in an ORPAD Awareness training session, we would like you to provide some feedback on the training so that we can develop and improve our service.
The questionnaire takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Overall, the training met my expectations.
I will be able to apply the knowledge to proposed works schedules.
The training objectives were identified and followed.
The content was organised and easy to follow.
The materials distributed were relevant and useful.
The trainer was knowledgeable and met the training objectives.
Group participation and interaction were encouraged.
Adequate time was provided for questions and discussion.
Any questions were answered satisfactorily.