Protocol Awareness Programme


The Awareness Programme, which supports the Protocol Implementation Service, launched in December 2010 and updated in 2014.
The Awareness Programme includes visiting Developer's work teams on site to inform them about the Protocol and submerged archaeology. To support this, a series of handouts has been produced detailing advice on reporting finds, conservation, concretions, types of finds and taking photographs. The handouts can be downloaded here.
Newsletters are no longer produced following the review of the ORPAD in 2014. Developers can request awareness training for their teams and contractors via the Implementation service. Whilst The Crown Estate funds initial reporting of finds and the reports produced by the IS, the cost of awareness training will fall to individual developers, as will any subsequent requirements (such as further investigation or mitigation) as considered necessary by the Regulator and their advisor (the relevant heritage agency).
Both the protocol handouts and the previous newsletters can be downloaded from the Documents page of this website.