Our dedicated Community Engagement Team creates opportunities for the public to learn about the arts, science, heritage and culture through archaeology.

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Community Events

Talks and Lectures

At Wessex Archaeology we are happy to offer talks and lectures to groups and societies. We can cater for any audience and have worked with archaeological societies, the WI, U3A and community interest groups.


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Our talks fall into two categories:

‘What We Do’ talks that illustrate the broad variety of activities we undertake. This includes Coastal & Marine archaeology, Geophysics, field archaeology, research, and life in an archaeological organisation.

‘What We Find’ talks focus more closely on specific sites or periods of history which we can often tailor to specific local sites.

The standard fee for our talks is £50.

Talks and Lectures from Wessex Archaeology


We are in the process of reviewing our formal volunteering programme to identify how best to create opportunities for people. 

Thank you for your patience. 

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Want to find out more about starting career in archaeology? Follow this link.

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